Has anybody done a kodi and addon backup before and which program works?

Hi, First off a big thank you for everyone who responded to my request about updating my firmware on my mecool km6 deluxe android box (kodi box).
My question here today is this…Has anybody done a full backup of their kodi and addon box before? which program do you recommend and did it work?
I would like to backup my kodi box before I do a firmware update. Now that Diggz will not be available anymore I don’t want to lose it. I also have 2 other builds on my box and I find it useful to flit from one to the other at times.


Two backup methods come to mind. (Search the Insider topics for addional info on each of these utilities).

1.Backup Addon - good general purpose backup utility found in the Kodi Add On Repository:
System / Add Ons / Install from Repository / All Repositories / Program Add Ons

2.Open Wizard - in addition to backup, offers many different maintenance tasks you can perform individually. Installation instructions: Open Wizard Kodi Addon (Maintenance) – Kodi-Guide.com

You can create a central backup folder on your local PC, (or in the cloud), and then go from room to room and keep all your devices in sync. It’s best if you have the same version of Kodi on the source and target.


Diggz is no longer supported so not sure why you would want to do a backup. It will slowly quit working. I applaud your effort.


I agree it may be counterproductive to try and keep Diggz around, but would be ideal to learn the best backup process so that the next build (or custom build) can be saved for security.


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