HarmonyOS NEXT Not one line of Android code

Was reading about this this morning. They claim to have a kernel better than the linux kernel.

Ya, that sorta got me. For most of my computing life Linux has been the top of the heap and ultimate in security.

Wasn’t that company outlawed in USA?

Tech Overload Miki :grimacing:


Memories. When I worked for Atari, we brought in a new computer, a T-800 Transputer that ran Helyx, a linux based operating system. To say it was a massive failure would not be doing it justice :slight_smile:

You worked for atari…the grandfather of this stuff… Very surprised your name isnt 2600 :rofl:

Hell, I worked for Commodore as well and still have a Commodore 64 SX Luggable computer in my basement that I just kept. I gave away everything else and also an Atari ST to a pal for him to use it in his midi studio as I had no more use for it. So many people, engineers etc jumped ship when Jack Tramiel was ousted out of the company he built from the ground up in Toronto as a typewriter shop. I didn’t but ended up there a number of years later to head up the Tech support Dept.

I’d love to have an un-boxed atari 2600 if you have one in the basement :grimacing:

I don’t have any Atari. I worked for the computer division, not the game division. I have only that one vintage C64 SX