Harmony remote with Tivimate

I have the harmony elite remote which generally works great with the firestick. I have noticed that when using Tivimate though the buttons dont always correspond to that buttons’ setting in the ‘remote control’ settings screen. I have seen a few posts (not on Troypoint) regarding this issue but no resolutions.

Any idea why the harmony remote is not fully compatible with Tivimate, and any way to link the remote buttons with the setting in the app?


Have you tried “Button Mapper” app?

That remote has been discontinued so developer help wont work.

Did you go into TiViMate>settings>Remote control>player> configure as you please
You can do TV Guide, Player, and Seeking options.
FYI if you go into “player” you can click on “Back” and a new window will open with 38 choices. Get a piece of paper out and mark down your configuration.

No, will give it a shot. Thanks!

I had no idea it was discontinued…surprising

Yes, but the settings I select for certain buttons doesnt do the selected activity. Its as if Tivimate doesnt recognize the button I am selecting as that button.

Ok. Which of the 3 section are you setting up your remote on?

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