Harmony Companion Universal Remote Discontinued...Alternatives?

Hello Everyone,

Curious to hear if any of you are using a universal remote to control your home theater devices?

I jumped on the Harmony Companion a few months ago and then right after I got it, they announced that it was being discontinued. Logitech Harmony Companion - Universal Remote Control & App

I was excited to promote this to our TROYPOINT audience as it does everything you could ever want.

When I click the On button, it automatically turns on my TV, NVIDIA Shield, Sound System and dims my lights to 10%. When I press off button, it automatically turns all of those items off and turns my lights on 100%. I can also turn lights on/off and use the dimmer on the remote so I don’t need to get up and go to the wall. It connects with SmartThings hub. It also works great with the Shield.

So, my question is whether or not any of you have a similar setup?

I’ve seen this one advertised and wondering if any of you have experience with it? https://amzn.to/3JktaF4

Would like to do something with this in the future on the site if we can find a good remote to promote to the audience. I’m bummed that Logitech discontinued their remote line.

Thanks for input on this!


Back at my old place I used one when I actually had my equipment hooked up before kids… and my kids destroyed my remote.

It was a amazing device, I didn’t have smart stuff hooked up but I could control anything from my lazy boy. My only issue was battery power was bad.

I can’t remember the brand I had, but it was completely black light and had a digital screen on it. I’d recommend it. I have been meaning to get a new one but after moving I don’t have everything hooked up and my box remote works on both tvs.

(I had a similar setup)

Logitech harmony elite.


Yes I have two setup. I suppose as long as you have one you’re fine? They’ll still support them with codes I’d guess. Thanks for the info.

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I don’t use a universal remote, but looking at the one Amazon is advertising, I’d love it if you would test it and see how that works. If it does, I’d be interesting in buying one.


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