Hard wiring Firestick 4k for flash drive

Can anybody help. I hardwired firestick 4k to modem and the firestick stock apps work, but the apps on flash stick apps don’t show. If I use wifi flash stick apps work fine. I have OTG splitter. Will I need a USB hub TY OU812

Piggybacking on this subject, when adding more space for hardware using flash drive and otg, I tried over and over to get it to work. Finally found one of Troy’s videos saying your firestick had to have a specific os and up which I hadn’t previously known. I have a 4K firestick 2nd gen. Was there ever an upgrade to that firestick to give it the ability to get more room or do I need to get next gen firestick?

I was able to do it with a usb-c on side on a USB hub the only way I can access is with es explorer and it’s not free anymore that was the only way I could even get 4k to power up but it does work on 4k I just don’t see benefits from it

I just have a usb/ethernet adapter & download the apps from Troys Rapid installer… I run a flash for apps & another for recording

(Might have to format flashdrive with firestick)

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