Hard wired not showing up on my network settings

I have my firestick hardwired and it seems to have the high speed but it shows me as if I am on wifi. How do I override wifi so that my connection shows hardwired. Any suggestions

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Turn off the wifi, disconnect it.

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How do I turn it off, it says forget it in options

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Exactly that, forget this network. It wont automatically connect to it, and your hardwired connection will remain. Keep in mind you will max out at 100-120 down on hardwired.

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When I pick forget the wifi connection I cannot get on the network. Seems I need to keep my wifi connection for my hardwired connection to work. But my speeds seem to be high. Shouldn’t it show hard wired in my connection?

If you forget the network while hardwired do you still have internet? Wifi at this poijtwont matter with a hardwired connection.

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If I pick forget network while hardwired I lose connection

It gives me hard wired speed but my wifi needs to be connected

Takes for your input

Coming from a pc hardwired connection trumps wifi. Im not sure why this is happening, but it may be possible you need the wifi for it. I dont have the adapter for my max or id test. If you get better speeds on wifi id stay with that, less power consumption using an adapter.

On one TV it shows hard wired and the internet speed only and on this tv it shows wifi info. Attached is a picture. Speed is up there but why do I not see hardwired on my network settings