Happy new year!

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone here a absolutely amazing new year!

Thanks for supporting the troypoint team and joining this awesome community. I wish nothing but happiness and love going into the new year. Hope you all have great success this new year.

Cut that cord and may all your streaming dreams come true!

Thanks to everyone here willingly and volunteering their time to help others. It’s extremely appreciated. Also to anyone new or not sure how to do anything we thank you for trying to learn and progress in the matter. Everyone is appreciated and all the help people provide does not go unnoticed. Thank you.


Happy New Year :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:


I second that thought and wishes for everyone on this site! just from reading other people’s posts I have learned quite a few things. I hope to learn alot more! thanks everyone and have a safe and enjoyable new years!!!


Happy New Year!



A Toast to the TP Team & to all u contributors!.. Cheers ya’ll!


Happy New Year Everyone


Happy New Year Cord Cutters

Seems like I need to go back to Kodi :cry:

Hello everyone… I started with Troypoint years ago using Kodi. Through time though I found APKS more user friendly.
Now ALAS… I don’t find any APKS to be user friendly.

So I need your help

I know how to sideload into the FS already…

Give me just 2 of the best providers ( whatever they’re called on Kodi )

Gotta work with RealDebrid…

Something easy, I don’t wanna be all day with this

I just finished New Year’s celebration and was just gonna watch a movie.
An hour later and I’m typing this :cry:

So… The goal here is to give me something that is powerful and responsive
When I sit down to watch a flick… that’s what I wanna do. Period.

Thank you in advance my sages :heart: :v::dove:

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Seren, The Crew


I gave up Kodi years ago, and won’t ever go back. Many absolutely love it but I find it takes way to much time and steps to use. Instead I use Stremio and have for about 3 years now. Perhaps is something to look into. With the easy to install addons I often find I rarely use Real Debrid links as there are lots of free sources that give me excellent links. I rarely have issues with a Movie or TV series buffering.
For those who love Kodi and find it the best app to use I applaud you. None of what I’ve said is meant to offend anyone and I apologize if it does. I only wish to point out a viable option for those, like myself, who find it to difficult, and problem plagued, to use.


Which addons do you like the best when using Stremio?

I followed the TP tutorial and the torretio is installed, but I still can’t access the movie I’m looking for.

I’ve installed a couple I recognize as dependable and just wondered what you like.

Thanks :blush:

I install absolutely every Movie and series addon. I don’t do TV channels as TiViMate is far superior for that and I’m not into anime or such.

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Seren, crew, debrid. Works well with 19.3



My experiment with Stremio is not going well

Why? Are you using a VPN? You have done torrentio so you’ll be getting RD links. I just came back from my neighbour’s and his Stremio is get tons of links from 4K down.don’t forget the links show on the right after selecting a movie and it loads. The ones you see aren’t the only links. Move your cursor over to the right, highlight any link and then scroll down to see all the links.

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I’m searching for a particular movie that came out last month. No links is the message :cry:

PM me the name of the Movie

Do I just click on your icon?

Yes. Click on my icon then message

Happy New Years to you as well TP, also sending out to all your subscribers a Happy and safe 2022…
Thanks for all the info you and the group provides to us on a daily basis, vey much appreciated!! :canada:

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