Hackers stole Lastpass source code in data breach incident

Hackers stole Lastpass source code in data breach incident | Digital Trends


Certainly glad I don’t use it

I did years ago but moved to bitwarden

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Lastpass sent an email today. Life you, moved to bitwarden. Not a good look for them.

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They’ll just move on to bitwarden. Good hackers fear no one and do this just to prove they can. No software company can guarantee security and if they do, their just fooling themselves.

Agreed. Many ways to access info. The best way to store data and keep it safe is on a encrypted drive not attached to any internet. When in doubt disable your internet.

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even if a hacker tried to hack my master password they still can’t into my fault I have 2FA layer that needs my code to get into which my phone has authentication code and also SMS

That can be hacked btw. 2fas. Passwords are easy, once access is gained 2fa can be acquired too.

Anything can be hacked. The safest thing you can do is turn off the internet and go outside and play :thinking: :grimacing:…well dont get hit by a car :construction: :ambulance:

I’m 99.9% sure that my password is tight would take a billion years to crack like this generated password



You have never heard of powerful brute force programs have you? Or honey pots? Or serious keyloggers or trojans? Cain and Abel is another one.

Edit: all it takes is to get your ip address and some networking tools. Get your mac address and router info and upload into your system bypassing your firewall threw back ports and keylogging your pc. When done corrupt your hard drive essentially bricking it.

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Yeah I know anything can be cracked but just like banks https that’s why I use a VPN to surf every time and never click on phishing emails or text u should how many bogus text I get on my phone like your Amazon has been suspended u just got use common sense… nothing is full proof that’s why u always have to have 1 step ahead I’ve never been breached so I quess im lucky lol

has for keyloggers >> this what I use

Rootshell Discover KeyScrambler Security Flaw That Enables Encryption To Be Bypassed | Rootshell Security

Malwarebytes has been around for years and I have used the free scanner for years. They have a paid service also with an excellent track record. Simple and affordable.

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I have used Malwarebytes for years on my computer and cell phone with very good results would definitely recommend :v::grin: