H96 MAX V58 Android TV box has an RK3588 processor and up to 8GB RAM and 64GB storage

H96 MAX V58 Android TV box has an RK3588 processor and up to 8GB RAM and 64GB storage - Liliputing

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That looks like it might be interesting . Pretty impressive stats :thinking:

Yea kinda reminds me of the ut8 except this is android 12, not many 12 boxes on the market yet.

Yeah I seen that. I really like it. Even has a clock in front hahaha :laughing: I wouldn’t mind having one to play around with. I don’t have time for my2 ugoos but never know

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Like the point about possibly running a Linux distro also lots of possibilities with this one will have to see and put it on the list don’t forget Santa’s coming soon :grin:and I have been a good boy I think :laughing:


Yea I have this coming tomorrow… My new soon to be either windows or linux server…

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i still have a X96max that troy recommended yrs ago in my bedroom with added storage and a mini fan and tivimate works great on it


Very cool, Saw a Beelink with similar specs and wondered about a streaming box but a little more money than this one!. Don’t you have a H96?

nope, ive never tried them but ive heard good reviews from others such as @Comtech . The specs are similar to ugoos ut8. You can find their older boxes with android 11 on amazon around $60-80

Yeah these look really nice I came across one awhile back and meant to ask you about it. Still Shield money! $160

I probably have a half dozen H96 max boxes sitting in my crate of spare parts. Not a fan of those boxes as the heat sink sucks . They over heat and lag

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All these boxes have mobile android 12 os. Its alright but can be frustrating to use. But good stats.

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Which chip is in the boxes you have? The V58 upgraded

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This one :point_down:

Aside from it’s sluggish performance form overheating, outdated stock android os and remote that makes a good door stopper I refuse to sell it. I have a conscience :joy:. Not sure about any of the newer models . I guess look for reviews online . Good luck :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

Yes I was looking at a new version supposedly upgraded. Great specs

Did you try heatsinks and fans?

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I bought a fan for my old box long ago but I refuse to sell them. The remote control is junk. It’s running on a cheesy stick android os and it’s not Google certified . The $20 onn tv box performs better. Let us know how the new box works :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

Don’t have one,@PiratePete just curious as to your fixes on the old one. New ones $160, I’d have to hear a lot of good reviews before spending that much money. Thank you

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I have never tried one but there are other people here that love the box, so its a toss up. I still think the km6 is your best bang for the buck.

Reviews are a must for that price. That’s going into shield territory with that pricing so they need to be on their game with this new box. I’d wait for an online review Ive not used my 96max since last year. All my TVs have a mecool km2 and an onn box on them and everything runs smooth. Love that they both have voice search. Great for Kodi .:pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag: