Guides for newbies

I think a while back, people were asking for suggestions for guides.
I would like to see a guide for any of the following apps.
ES File Explorer
Total Commander
SD Maid
Remote ADB Shell
I currently use Firestick 4K and Windows 7 PC.
I researched these topics, but most info is above my level.
I would really like to begin learning more on how to use these app’s.
A suggestion, maybe TROYPOINT could add a new category with just tutorials, guides and lessons for beginners, novice and advance users on the different app’s.

@TROYPOINT @Jayhawks659



The main site has guides on how to use them for certain applications…

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I totally agree. I’m a beginner also and Troypoint explains things in a down to earth way that I can understand.


The install guides are very good, I’m interested in user guides once you have the app installed. A new “Weekly Lesson” category would be great. Every week post a new lesson on how to do something with an app. WOW in a year we all would be experts. :crazy_face:


In most instances it kinda like your first high school date. A reach around is always the 1st step! lol

Seriously though, I would recommend getting a cheap stick/box and use it as your experimental learning device.


Looking for professors. :woman_teacher: :man_teacher:

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Troypoint is the only site you need. He explains things so simple that everyone can understand and get what you need.



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