Guide versus EPG on fireTV max

So on the fire tv you have a guide button. The guide button is on the remote for fireTV max. This brings up the guide, which can have plex, xumo, Pluto, etc. Each of these sources have a limited amount of channels. Trying to manage them seems to be a daunting task. Not even sure you can select favorites or block channels you do not want in the guide.

Comparing to the EPG in TIVIMATE or other tools where you can have flexibility to put channels in any order, or to customize which channels should be displayed.

Has anyone put in the effort to organize channels ? Suppose that is what a expensive monthly rate is paid for. To get an organized easier to use EPG.

Heck yeah, customized the hell out of Tivimate. That’s why it’s so great!


Yea, I cannot take Amazon’s setup and organization of stuff. If I cant customize the stick with a custom launcher and organize my IPTV using Tivimate, then my Amazon sticks go bye bye.

You can easily do both on the Max. I never bother as I don’t get ads on my Max and I only see their movie suggestions for the length of time it takes me to open TiViMate, so about 2 seconds.

The following link has the playlists for Samsung, Pluto and so on if you want to enter them in your TiViMate.


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