Grit TV stream , apk or kodi app?

Anybody know of a streaming site , apk , or a kodi app that has Grit TV ? They have it on Roku but I can’t handle all the Closed caption on the screen an on my over the air tv it comes in at very low definition .

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It’s on most paid TV services

Hey scooter…

The free Plex url playlist has Grit Xtra (movies)

If u hv Tivimate or any url player (or kodi), u can enter it into the m3u8 plylst field

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Daddylive website has the Grit channel.

GRITXtra Schedule - Grit - Television with Backbone (

Here are some other western alternatives. These are all free apps.

I tried daddylive but it had alot of buffering ( probably caused from my Surfshark VPN .

No, it’s not just you. The channel is not playing well right now. Not for anyone. Channel source is overloaded I’m sure.

So are you just looking for the live channel of Grit TV? Not the Grit Xtra, or both?

Sent you a PM to install an m3u & epg for Grit on Tivimate or whichever player you use.

Roku, Plex, Tubi, Freevee, Sling app have Grit TV. You can find those apps in the Play Store.

You can also try this 923cd8e7aa1e5a5898aad41fdf6a0f0f (

I just now checked and it plays well and you can control the CC however you wish. I cast it to my big screen and it played great.

Those aren’t the “live” Grit TV channels though. He did mention the one on Roku, which is actually Grit Xtra, but then he mentioned that his OTA channel of Grit didn’t come in very good because it was low definition. That would be the live channel of Grit TV. Not exactly sure which one he was wanting, possibly both. The “live” Grit TV channel is on daddylive site, but it’s not playing well today at all.

I think Grit Xtra is the same as Grit. Probably an update and rebranding.

They are not the same. Same company though. Grit also operates Grit Xtra. Grit Xtra is an Internet FAST streaming service that carries older Western movies and TV series. The Grit TV channel is a “live” over the air channel. Kind of like the Reelz Famous & Infamous channel is free on Roku, Xumo, and Samsung Plus, but the Reelz “live” channel is a totally different channel.

This is on Roku, Tubi, Plex


Yeah, that’s not the same channel as Grit TV though, that’s Grit Xtra. But it says live because it’s streaming. Confusing, but it’s not the same as the OTA Grit channel.

That’s why I linked this. How To Get Free Over-The-Air Channels Like Grit - Grit (

Easiest way to demonstrate would be for you to check what’s playing on your Grit TV channel on your antenna source, or through your paid iptv service. Then check what’s playing on Grit Xtra through one of those free apps. It will be different.

Hence the above link.

This :owl: is playing the same schedule as the link in Grit TV. e.t.

However, I believe they both play the same content at different times.

I gave him several free ways in which to view. He stated his Roku app was giving him issues. I gave him another Roku streaming alternative. I figure since he was referring to the Grit on his Roku app that is what he wanted.

Easiest way to explain. You can check the schedules here, they are not playing the same thing. They are different channels with different schedules and different programming.

I’m not here to argue with you. I sent over a half dozen ways to view either Grit TV or Grit Xtra. I pm’d him a free m3u and epg to access Grit. I have also informed him where he can find Grit TV or Grit Xtra using a paid service.

Btw, the apps, links and m3u/epgs have the schedules.