Grindhouse Repository 503 Error?

Is anyone else having issues when trying to reach the Grindhouse Repository to download the 9 Lives add-on in Kodi 20.1. I’m updating my Mecool KM6 Deluxe. The problem occurs when trying to add this source in the File manager as instructed in the most recent how-to guide by Troypoint. I have 3 other devices previously loaded with the 9 Lives add-on in Kodi 20.1… all are working properly.

The URL is and I get the following pop-up error message:


Any update on why a 503 error occurs? Is the Grindhouse repository down?


I’ve been using 9Lives for about 6 months with zero issues. Mark (Grindhouse Dev) is very good about communicating any issues or when he needs to update the Builds on the grindhouse FB page. I just checked and didn’t see anything. I’ve been using their build for more than 5 years now and he’s very good about communicating and fixing any issues. I just tested a few shows on 9lives and all is good on my end.

Yes, 9 Lives add-on is working flaessly on all my other devices in Kodi 20.1. All units have RD integrated into 9 Lives and are active and working. This error occurrs after I uninstalled the old kodi version with The Crew add-on, fresh install of kodi 20.1, and trying to download the zip file from the repository.

The repository has been down for me the last few days.

Ok. I don’t feel stupid now. Somebody else has experienced the same inability to access the server source.

MarkxG…I’ve never written to a Developer. The fact that you know Mark.definitely helps. Is there a preferred way to reach him?

You can join the Grindhouse FB Page he is very responsive. My bad I just checked the page again and saw this post from him a few weeks ago. He did just update the Builds and posted about how to update the Repo. If this screenshot is too small let me know and I’ll post each one individually


Thanks for sharing that update. Much appreciated. Really like the addon.

MarkxG…thank you. Just joined the Grindhouse FB Group… membership is pending approval.

The screenshots are small but if approved for membership in the group, i can access the screenshots you sent directly, correct?

I also love the lightweight design of this add-on. It’s also very snappy when paired with RD. I’ve been using this for 6 months now and it is by far, one of best. No junk, no bloatware, only movies and tv shows.

Yup just scroll down to July 26 posts and you can access all the screenshots. There are 11 of them


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MarkxG… quick question: do these screenshots outline a new or different way to access the existing URL for the repository? Or do they instruct you on a new install procedure outside of kodi… ie. different from the TP Tutorial?

Nevermind…once approved I can read it for myself. Wasn’t fair to ask.


If it might help someone, all you have to do is change the .tk in the url to .us


Shadye, you nailed it!



You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: I like your bitmojis, lol