Google Search may no longer be entirely free



Nothing’s free. I just paid $18 for a Big Mac combo! LOL


I tell ya it’s insanity!!Took my grandson to get some breakfast over the weekend,he loves McDonalds sausage and gravy.We ordered two breakfasts to go,his had the hot cakes mine was the one without.Got like .23c back from a $20.All the fast food places have inflated prices astronomically.Local steakhouse has a wonderful salad bar,and all you can eat buffet.$25 for the wife and me,and let me just say it was 10x better than Mcdonalds.I can’t help but think that at some point there will be a tipping point and customers will stop frequenting these fast food joints.

And as far as google goes I dare em to charge me a penny for a search lol.I’ll drop em like a bad habit.


This is why I’ve gone to duckduckgo like Ron indicates above. Plus no tracking.

Heck, just looking at the prices that Miki has to pay, in Canada, for the same things we get here…just wow.


I figured that out a long time ago when I was still working. I used to go out for my lunch break and compared the time, money and quality of fast-food vs the little Greek Diner.

The little Greek Dine cost about the same. I was waited on and served. The quality and quantity were much better. The time spent was about the same.

Needless to say, the Greek Diner was my go-to M-F. I would get the daily special that included a salad and a roll along with my entre’.

Fastfood isn’t fast and barely qualifies as food…except the double bacon cheese Whopper. lol :hamburger:


It’s all over North America. Even Mexico. A burger there is now $20 Cdn. A glass of wine $21. One T-bone steak $33. Even Tacos are now $7 each and I use to get 3 for 20 pesos, about $1.50 Cdn. We no longer go out at all.
As far as google goes I’m with @TXRon I will switch to duck duck go in a heart beat. Never going to pay to search ever.


Agree @Miki but if this happens the traditional Google search will still be Free - Hopefully! I use Google Daily!

“the premium tier of Google Search will continue to include ads, while the traditional version will remain free to use.”

Ahh ok tx for that clarification @MarkxG I missed that bit of info. Ya I use google search almost every hour as Google is so integrated into my devices it’s easier for me, and I’ve learned to modify searching there, to get more info, that focuses on what I want.

Use Brave, startpage, duckduckgo and find out just how biased Google search is.

Yes, but the results will be incomplete, trying to force you into their “premium” service!

Would never pay anything for a Google Search


Google is not as good as it was years ago. Now all you get is a bunch of ads without the information you’re looking for. You end up exactly where Google wants you. Follow the money.

I had an epiphany last night…We users should start charging Google for the time we spend using their search engines and other various apps.I mean they bombard us with ads,collecting as much information as they possibly can about us.That should be worth something lol.

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Google got too big for its britches a long time ago. It already uses algorithms (sp?) to try to get you to access what they want you to access. You should never have to pay for any search engine, especially one that collects data on your internet searches and sells your info. I have been using Duck Duck Go as an alternative for years and it works great.


McDonalds is publicly traded and shareholders only see profits at the expense of the customer.
Local places only have to make SOME profit and not satisfy some investment company.