Google Playstore on Android tv Box not working at all?

Hi, I’m having problems trying to use Google Playstore on my Android tv box( X96 max +). This has been working fine but now when I click on it it goes right back to my launcher screen. I am trying to update my Surfshark app and an internet speed test app, I go to Playstore main page click on it and it goes back to the box screen so I cannot update anything previously downloaded from the Playstore, and can’t download anything new. Can anyone help. Many Thanks.

Working fine on Shield and Onn box. Try force stopping the Play store app, clear cache, then reboot your device. Hopefully that offers some assistance.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have tried that quite a few times, sadly no different, even disabled it,cleared everything and then enabled- just the same, very frustrating.

Firstly, force stop play store or disable it or uninstall updates:

Here’s how:

If you are signed into google on your device, you might want to sign out, launch playstore, and it will ask you to sign back into your google account.

Then see if playstore opens properly.

If not, disable/force stop google play, download and install this link.

Hope one of these solutions helps.

Hi, much appreciated, will give it a go. Thankyou

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Hope it does the trick.

Hi, just to let you know that your suggestion has worked. Excellent, many thanks to you and others who got in touch.:+1:

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Thats good to hear. Thanks for letting me know.