Google play on Fire-TV TELEVISIONS

Is anyone aware of a method to install the Google play on Fire-TV TELEVISIONS. The method for Fire-TV sticks doesn’t seem to work for me.


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Should work on firesticks. Guides are here.

Alot of us are doing it. What issues are you having with the stick?

It’s not a “stick” It’s a “smart TV” with embedded Fire TV. (INSIGNIA)


Pretty sure those tvs don’t have the memory capacity to sideload.

But like anything you would need to sideload to it and use a Downloader and direct url to the apk.

Guides would work in the same way which are on this site.

I’m not entirely sure if you can with the fire tv smart tv.

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I’ve sideloaded many apps. But I’m trying to sideload apps from google play. It’s got 12 gigs of memory.


In that case you would have to install all of Google play services individually for it to work.

You will have to go to apkpure or something and get each updated version of the services.


Sideloading should work if it does not then try doing it separately.

This was only a issue on my tablet. I’m just trying to cover everything.

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I have a sharp Android TV
And Google play store is already built in.


That’s because your tv is android not fire tv. Different systems.

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How to Install Google Play on an Amazon Fire TV Stick will this help you jack.


Follow that.

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