Google deleting apps it doesn't like on Nvidia Shield

Has anyone had the problem of Google Play Services deleting apps that Google doesn’t like. It would seem the only way to stop it is to disable Google Playstore unless anyone.knows different.

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I read that google and Amazon are in a major war and that Google might do something like this until the time comes when you can only load their stuff and not even sideload stuff.

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Can’t you just disable Google on your shield? I thought that was what I did.

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I had the same problem with a few APK and was told to turn off play protect and that did the trick I think Nvidia is in bed with them now never use to have this problem . I don’t think it’s possible to delete the Play store from the sheild never tried

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I always disable Google Play Store when I am done using it. I also disable auto update for Nvidia and Google Play.

Besides, using Downloader (short Codes Lists), or any browser it is fairly easy to bypass Google Play. Plus, with apps such as ‘Unlinked’ you can find just about anything you want.

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Best you can do is uninstall updates. Maybe some way in Developer Options, but I am by no means an expert using Developer Options.

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This sounds very familiar. One of the reasons I got rid of my Shield was the restricted apps available for the Android TV operating system on google play store along with unwanted deletion of certain apps I installed. I noticed this took place at least 3 times Nvidia did system updates. I also did not like all the bloatware on the Shield’s Home Screen. I use a customized launcher on my android boxes which only shows the app icon buttons I want to use. There is much more access of apps with open android boxes.


Been having this issue for ages. Just turn of Play.

Same here. When I didn’t have Google Play I always thought how much better things would be with it since they seem to have countless apps. Then I got my Shield and quickly learned about all of the constant issues with what was and what was not supported and would, therefore, randomly get uninstalled. For a while, this even included YouTube!!! WTF?!?! Granted, there were always workarounds. But this was eerily reminiscent of always have the threats of losing my local news stations from my cable or satellite services I had before cord cutting! Definitely not what I signed up for or wanted to deal with.

I almost exclusively use Firestick 4k’s now and just got a 4k Max and like it a lot even without using a different launcher. Again, I don’t mind being able to see what’s new and available without having to stay up to date nonstop.

But I’m currently on travel for my work. And I almost always stay at Embassy Suites when I travel. Mostly because they have the bedroom area and a living room type area. So I always bring a travel router, but rarely need it, as well as a Firestick 4k and a Chromecast with Google TV. After all, I have 2 TVs in my room so I need a device on each, of course! :joy:

Anyway, not the point. The point is that I swear I’d pick a Chromecast with Google TV over literally any other streaming device personally. But then again, I’ve never used any of the Android (non Android TV) boxes, but also never really plan on it. I prefer the Android TV setup and knowing that because of it the layout and orientation of all of the apps is correct even though it also normally means less available apps. But with sideloading almost anything is available anyway.

For me, in a perfect world, the only thing that could be better would be a mainstream device that had a MUCH larger internal HDD in addition to native ethernet, like the NVIDIA Shield.

Or a box that’s rooted maybe from the factory, but not in a way to let the uneducated brick them, but more in a way to let you do simple things like change download locations for things like downloaded movies from streaming apps like Cinema or recorded stuff from Tivimate. I’m convinced that that’s why they never let you change the default save location from the built in storage space, even when you expand it by adding on. It’s kind of like expanded internal storage in that it has Android based encryption, but it’s not a true expansion in the same way that it is when you add HDD space to a PC.

Troy needs to partner with someone and then we could build the perfect box that would blow all of the others out of the water!

I’m not cheap, and I’m more than willing to pay for a superior product for sure, and I think that many others are too. That’s why I got my NVIDIA Shield. Sadly, I found out that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Regardless of how much you pay or of how good the reviews are from the internet.

Cookerman, welcome to the crew…

I run Nvidia exclusively (3 “tubes” and 1 Pro) and have not had this occur over the last 2 years however do beleive I disabled auto updates but will play around with settings and advise if I find anything that may be of additional assistance. Other than the new home screen am very pleased with Nvidia and have run the gauntlet with Android boxes in the past and from a total package beleive Nvidia is the best solution in my opinion. If you are using your Shield exclusively for streaming you can always disable the Play Store and get the content you need from the TP Rapid Install App or Downloader (as I beleive someone else suggested).

Sorry I couldn’t be more help but welcome and happy streaming.

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That was and is the best thing to do is disable Google Play services. Once you got your apps on there all of mine play fine with Google Play disabled. And you can set your Shield back to the way it was before all the banners. I don’t like all the BS banners on my Home Screen. And that’s the only way to set it back before they updated everything. I got mine still with just the black background. If you do need to get any other apps just enable it and disable it when your finished. Works every time for myself.

You raise excellent points. I use pure android boxes with root switches. I have no problems or restrictions loading any apps I want as long as I enable new apps in security settings. Only negative is these devices won’t stream Netflix in high def but I don’t watch Netflix anyway.

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Yeah. It just seems like it shouldn’t be impossible to have the best of all worlds. There are just too many restrictions based on entities not wanting to play nice together all at once. There’s always a trade off it seems. But I really think that it could be done by a smart group of people working together. But what do I know? I’m just a submarine network IT guy.

Either way, we’re kind of like car guys in a way. As soon as you finish your dream project car you’re instantly bored and ready for the next project. The fun part is making these devices perform better than they were meant to perform. But it’s fun playing around with all different types and getting the next best thing or at least the next new thing.

When I grow up I want to be like some of the guys at XDA Developers! :joy:

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