Google Censorship

Another reason to not use google to search. Results are altered to suit their agenda.


I love Google search and would be absolutely lost without it


Like I said before about Google however I won’t repeat it again. My computer and other electronics are not linked together, they are not synced but however if I do a search for let’s say a car part on Google search on my PC the damn thing comes up on my tablet as in advertisement every time. And my s*** is not synced.


Big Brother is always watching, and it will get worse!

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Most search engines are aligned to one agenda or another. It’s not that easy to find one that is non-partisan and genuinely neutral. The compromise is usually with what search results that you actually get and whether or not those results are helpful and comprehensive.

Google is in bed with a lot of entities that buy into their algorithms and want to stay off their blacklists, as Google continues to be a source of profitability for them. That part sucks. Leaving Google can come with compromise but for many conservatives, privacy is more important and less invasive is always better.

Bing gives you the Google engine look with a more watered down harvesting and mining effort.

Duckduckgo is very popular with the crowd but results are hit and miss and they focus rendering more user engagement results.

The Brave beta browser engine looks promising.

Most “zoomers” pledge their allegiances to Google as they feel it’s the best, most accurate, most useful, and if you’re not doing anything wrong, who cares about privacy.

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Well I have learned when someone ask you a question its better just to say Why don’t ya just go google that? … rather than Just Duck it :rofl:

I use The Duck everywhere :face_with_monocle:


Don’t Duck it up!
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That’s a testiment of the Google marketing machine. Only they could have turned their name into a household verb.


Not buying into this Hype. Been using Google for Decades and generally am happy with the results I get back. Then again I’m not a believer that my search results are going to come back with a political or other altered result. But again there are lots of “different” personalities and beliefs in this forum so not surprised

But there are many of us here that just know better. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, know that every single one of us that enjoys this hobby, will be affected by the direction of the current

So no one is really putting any good options out there. I have Duck and Google. Can you suggest something better?

Brave browser with Qwant search engine. Both approved by Express VPN as safe.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Google knows everything :slight_smile: if have disabled everything in my account settings website visited ads.Now I’m not getting spammed very little now

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I’m guessing that you don’t feel duck browser to be a “good option” then?

Try the Brave beta search engine. Tor browser is privacy focused.

Aside from that, Firefox has forks that are optimized for privacy. Librewolf and waterfox are modded forked versions that prime the open source Firefox to be more private.

I still like using Duck. They were criticized for allowing MS trackers once, despite their privacy marketing - but since then, they have claimed to end their relationship with MS to allow trackers and have now blocked them.

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I’ve used the duck however if the advertisement is built into the website you still get the advertisement

SearX is a good privacy engine, there are many to check out.
But as my regular search I normally use the Duck.:duck:

Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome

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Google is in on the NWO agenda. These independent media outlets spread the truth about what’s going on in the world today. That’s why they want to ban them from Google. It’s all about world control. Google is in on it. If at all possible you should use an independent search engine.

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