Google Announces New Chromecast Device With Google TV

Originally published at: Google Announces New Chromecast Device With Google TV

Google has officially announced the release of a New Chromecast Device powered by a revamped operating system called Google TV. Google released this new device during their virtual event on September 30, which was highlighted by the new Pixel 5. This was also announced via Google’s social media accounts: Introducing the new #Chromecast with #GoogleTV.…

Everyone is slating the Amazon Firestick and the changes Amazon is making to block function, and I have seen messages saying that the Google Chromecast TV stick might be a better option.

Is it possible to use the same apk’s that I use on Firestick on a Google stick and is it just as easy to load them on? I did search for answers to this but nothing came up that seemed particularly relevant.

As the Fire OS is based on Android, just very heavily modified the answer is yes. I had 4K max until some generous ppl here turned me into a Shield Pro fan, and I use the same apps.