Good Tablet at Good Price

I was thinking about getting a tablet for Christmas since the prices are better and was looking at the Fire Max11 but didn’t know if you can still get Google play store downloaded to it. Also I was looking at Samsung A8 but what I have read it’s a little slow. So any input would be appreciated.

I do believe you can get google play as that is an active project. Check out the levovo tablets, pretty good spec/price.

Will do thanks TXron.

I used FireToolbox on FireMax 11 tablet, and it works fine. May just have to go through the OTA update blocks more than once, but I have had good luck with it. I “acquired” it, my first choice wouldn’t be Amazon based equipment. But I made it work and now have access to Google Play Store, etc. Good little streamer now, pretty fast. I just got my son the A8 for Christmas, and have been working on setting it up. Not quite the specs as the Max 11, but not a bad little tablet. Depends on what you are going to use this tablet for, I guess.


onn. 7" Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) , 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Charcoal -
onn. 7" Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) , 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Charcoal -

I’ve always considered Lenovo the poor mans Samsung :joy:

Yea that is what has been the problem the Fire Max is Amazon with great specs but with changes coming up it is to much of hassle to work with. As far as the Samsung the specs aren’t as great. The levono is between the two and best buy has the 10 plus on sale for 119.00 which I am leaning towards.

can’t really go wrong with that price. I have a 11 in fire tablet loaded with the playstore. It works very well and visually has a great screen. I actually use it as an always on weather radar/police scanner. My lenovo yoga tab is kinda like my google home hub. I can control most everything with it including watching tv.

So the fire max 11 u can download Google play store to it?

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Hey Miki I kinda new you would how to do it your the brain here. Thanks again so that would probably push me towards the Fire Max 11.

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Know sorry

Like I mention above, another great way is to use the FireToolbox. I did it, it works. It does it without root too, so the warranty isn’t voided. It also helps put a stop to Amazon updates that may ruin any progress you may make setting it up the way you want it. They update it often trying to keep up.

Amd237 did u do away with Amazon completely with toolbox? I noticed on you tube how to do it but I don’t have a computer I do everything on my phone.

Amazon has made it a lot more annoying to customize Amazon tablets like back in the day still can have Google Play store but less headache to get tablet you won’t have to hack to add the features already available on Google or Samsung or any other Android tablet.

So you don’t think toolbox is going to be easy?

You can’t do away with Amazon completely without rooting the unit, but the toolbox allows you to bypass it and load the Google Play store. It has other features too that help you sideload apps, change different settings (users, display, etc) and save/restore backup images of what you created. Like I said, the Fire 11 Max I have I use nightly as a streamer. It is like a mobile Shield lol.

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I appreciate it. If I can get rid of the ads and get the play store that will be a great accomplishment. Also Downloader of course. : SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4” 128GB WiFi 6E Android Tablet, Large AMOLED Screen, S Pen Included, PC Experience, Ultra Wide Camera Records 4K Video, Long Lasting Battery, US Version, 2022, Graphite : Electronics

$599.99 as of 12/3

Thata a cadilac tablet or aka Mrs Miki’s tablet :joy:

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