Good 4k android box, Cheap price has anyone used this box??? Looking for something different from the 4k firestick and if possible cheaper?? To watch live TV, sport, movies, thanks Mr Scott Lindsay.

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Good specs on that box and is more than adequate. Doesn’t list the price ? Right now in the States 4K Max’s are $35 so doesn’t get much cheaper but if that’s a good price then it work well. Lot’s of options out there.

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Thanks buddy for the quick reply, £45 it would cost, just looking for something different as I already have a 4k TV and 4k firestick, 2nd gen firestick, the specs look good and it’s only for TV no gaming or recording. Mr Scott Lindsay

Do you use wifi exclusively whilst streaming…& is your router wifi 6 capable? I noticed this box isn’t & wifi 6 is pretty fast in comparison to 2.4/5GHz bands.

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My router isn’t wi fi 6 only 2.4/5 so hopefully be OK, never had an android box only firestick s. Mr Scott Lindsay.

Copy that…there are a number of people on this forum that have bought & happily used boxes similar to this, so I’ll defer to them as far as suggestions/insight. Regardless of what you get, enjoy :cowboy_hat_face:


It should be quick with the 4gb ram. Probs stock android, let us know what its like.

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Android 11.0 TV Box

An interesting looking box I have never looked at before. On sale for $78 now on Amazon, so medium price, with pretty decent specs for that pricepoint. Netflix and Google certified too.