GL.iNet GL-MT6000(Flint 2) WiFi 6 Router

I mentioned some time back about this new router hitting the market and I decided to try it out because the price was right. My asus wifi has been acting up as of late and after about a week of hair pulling I determined it was not me :grimacing: :joy:… Yes ive tried various firmware etc etc but to know avail. I have heard its a known bug that asus seems not to care to address. I had the ax6000 model…but ups has now swept in and taken it after I tried this I have in the past used gl’s travel routers with great success so lets try their Big boy router :face_with_monocle: and I was so impressed that within 1 hour of setting it up the asus became obsolete. It has all the bells and whistles like most good routers with a very easy to use web dashboard. I installed proton and surfshark vpn’s with zero issues but one drawback if you want to call it one is only one vpn can be used at a time. In other words its either surfshark or proton not both. You can install both but only one active. You can assign devices to be on the vpn or not. Without digging too much further down lets just say it works great and my vpn speeds with proton or the same or better than without the vpn. I know that sounds strange but …ask Miki :sweat_smile:. Price wise its hard to find this much punch for the bucks. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks Ron for that update. I just placed my order from the big “A” for delivery tomorrow. I’ll be setting up NordVPN to use the wireguard. I’m hoping this goes smoothly.

Good luck, take time in the setup however its very easy but also easy to do it wrong :joy:.
I believe adguard is setup out of the box but if not its one click. Adguard will provide dns, if you disable adguard, dns is provided by the isp/router unless you specify otherwise. (or von)
I use quad9 for my dns as I find it faster. Little tweaks here and there and you will be set.

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Just my luck, its marked down today to $135 :roll_eyes:

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#127.00 w/ no taxes thur 15th use code,20MT6000 at ck out

Price still like $128 with an automatic coupon on Amazon last week. Waiting for mine now. Customer service has been very good even before purchase…