Github Local Channels

Has anyone else noticed Github local channels not working for the past few days,

Github is a huge site. What specific “local” channels are you referring to. Is it a specific playlist? A bit more info please and I could check it out.

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I tried all ABC’s NBC’s CBS’s I’m in Philly so mine are WCAU NBC, WPVI ABC KYW CBS ,but I also checked Florida Boston etc.

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correction some ABC’c NBC and CBS Local working in Orlando, but buffering,

Also METV nor FOX News, but Fox News channel never worked but showed up,

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What I need to know is the playlist url you’re using. Those channels are literally on hundreds of different playlists on github. So can you please give me the exact github playlist URL you are using and I can see if the list is still viable or if it’s been closed down. Also try switching your VPN server location and see if anything changes.

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Try this with VLC. NOT the first period.
Here is what I see: See what you can find out.
When you select a network station(abc,nbc,cbs,fox) with DT at the end of the call letters
(I think the ones without DT may be a sub ch like news, not the full network stream, not sure)
It usually takes up to a minute at least for those with DT it to start playing be patient,
Then it will play for a bit,
but then after it starts playing it stops, starts, maybe a few times, then just stops.
The stream seems unstable or something.
If you right click on a station then click Information in the dialog box, then in the bottom line called Location
you will see the m3u as follows: You see that many, not all, have the same IP addrs !!?? These are the DT’s. NO DT plays ok With DT, same station

Check my post, Flt505

Yes thank you I have the
some like Florida and Charlotte NC work but not Philly Thanks

where is your post, and how?

I have tried all these,

Just a thought.
Since many with the DT on the call letters seemingly use the same server and port
maybe that server is just overloaded and cannot handle and sustain the streams.
Ip lookup
IP Address Geolocation or is an IPv4 address owned by Ovh Sas and located in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada

Well, they all play for me. Have to work to assign EPGs but the channels play flawlessly. No idea what’s with the extra letters on the end of the network call letters, as there aren’t any on mine. I have 6 playlists with ABC, for example, and none have DT on any station call letters.

Ok found a playlist with the -DT1 extension and you’re correct the Philly channels appear to not be broadcasting.

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DT = Digital Transmission. Not analog.
Are you using the github url I shared?
If not, Can you share a few m3u’s please.
The github url I shared has stations down to the local city level, that’s what we are after for those out of antenna range.
Are the stations you play the full national network stream, or Local sub ch with repeats of News, local stuff only, etc?
If they are the full feed can you do by state or city to get the local news/weather at the end of the day
or is it in fact a “national feed”, like from NY.

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I can remember back in the day… :sunglasses: :eyes: :face_with_monocle:

iptv+US+m3u or M3u8 - MetaGer

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now under USA in the list each one of the main networks have about 18 sources. No idea whether they’re rebroadcast or live. I set my Favourites up for what programs I want, not specific towns the feed comes from.

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Github Channels are back now and working,

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