Getting pop up on webrowsers by edge

I am getting a pop up advertisment on Crome and Silk browser with the name Edge on them . Is this just a pop up from the internet or could it be a virus . Anybody getting it ?

Is this on a pc? I use silk on android and never see ads. I also use firfox focus on my tablets and get no ads. However they might be blocked by my router before they get there. Not sure how or if silk has provisions to block(@Miki might know). Chrome you can install ublock origin addon to stop them.

It’s on android . Nvidia Shield Pro 19 .

Are you talking about the Edge browser on Windows?

No ! Im talking about When their’s a pop up .The name Edge is on all the pop ups . I guess they are advertisers of the pop up .

Never seen that edge thing. The shield by default doesnt have focus in the playstore but you can sideload it and see if it continues? Could be some form of malware ive not seen, but anything is possible.

Firefox Focus APK for Android Download

It’s a little pop up with in the web page . It could be just the site . I went in to SurfShark an turned on the blocker an it blocked it . Thanks for your help .


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