Getting No Links in Cinema HD

If you’re smarter player is actually an IPTV service then your in violation of rules by posting it in this category. All IPTV services must be posted in the proper category.

Tx for the catch @AJS1 . Flagged.

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Have you checked your real debrid account, is it active, have you tried reauthorising it?

Try resetting your router.

Surprised cinema HD is still on people mind it’s been years since original dev left the app and it’s been revived by new people but not nearly as skilled as original dev so app isn’t nearly as good as back in the day it’s basically dead idk why people are trying to force it to work it’s a complete different app it just uses that logo to draw attraction to it different people behind whatever it is now and time for people to move on the dev already did and there’s been a few new apps that has replaced this anyway that you will always have playback and has app support for any questions you can ask devs directly on telegram or discord

I don’t know if this issues been fixed or not but I’m just throwing this out there. Latest version from Troy point.

Read my fix. I’ve done what you said many times over and no luck until I cleared the downloads in my Real Debrid account. Works like a champ now!

I just downloaded Cinema HD the latest version updated by Cinema HD. Question: Why are the links downloaded by real debrid different from s t r e m i o. Am I allowed to list links on this category?

Well anyways, working with Cinema HD for a while I’m very much disappointed I’ll be deleting it and sticking with stremio!!

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