Getting IPVanish discount as a current subscriber

I have searched the community without any success, although I believe I have seen it before somewhere. I am a monthly subscriber to IPVanish. I want to take advantage of the discount here at Troypoint. However when I click the link it takes me to IPVanish website and the price is for only the 1st year. Now, maybe I am dreaming, but did I see it somewhere that you could get that price locked in? Maybe a Unlinnked code? Thanks guys!


hudsondog, i am an annual subsciber. everytime i get charged for another year, i email or chat with ipvanish and let them know i’m a loyal customer and ask about discounts.

for the last several years, they refund me my money, then resubscribe me for another year at the discounted rates.

just reach out to them, they will take good care of you.


I echo exactly what @hurtconveyor3030 said. If you ask them, they will definitely help you.

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