Getting Buzz 5 to display the Epg

I’m curious how to get the buzz 5 box to display the EPG for the streaming service I use. I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention which one I am using. At one time I had added the M3U I found thru this site and I had 2 or 3 channels only in the EPG. I’m new to streaming services. I’ve used ip extreme and the M3U had the EPG but now with the buzz device that same M3U doesn’t produce the guide.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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If you install with the extreme method the epg should auto populate. Ive never tried any other way with x5. I know you can but cant tell you where to look.

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My current IPTV provider doesn’t offer EPG for their m3u url. I get my EPG from m3u4u and enter it on the XML EPG URL line in m3u playlist portal on the X5.

Mine populated immediately with extreme code