Getting a Playback Failed error message when trying to watch Live TV on a Kodi Add on

Hi, ive loaded Kodi 19 according to Troypoint instructions, on my firestick 4K max. Loaded the Apex Sports addon, but evry time intrybto access live tv i get the error message. Same thing happened with the Odin add on. Can anyone help?

Don’t know about apex sports, but Sport HD and Rising tides definitely work, for live tv i use Asgard or Mad Titan.

Mad titan working like a dream for live tv. Are you trying to access geo-blocked content? Are you using a VPN?

Thanks Kryten! Im not using a vpn, can still use kodi without one?

Thanks Miki! Im not using a vpn, can i still use kodi without one?


You can but i wouldn’t advise it.

Yes you can. But that eliminates a lot of sources for playback due to Geo-blocking. In this hobby it’s my strong opinion that everyone should remain as anonymous as possible, by using a VPN. It isn’t just about security, although that to is a major consideration. With Troy’s 2 yr discount offer on IPVanish it’s less than $3/mth U.S. and you can use it on as many devices as you want. Security and privacy for $36/yr is a no brainer to me. Of course there are other paid VPNs that are equally as good. Do some research. In this hobby there are many small things you can do to improve your enjoyment, and they all contribute to security, privacy, and your enjoyment. On this site using search is a must IMHO. Once you learn exactly what your focus is, then you can effectively accomplish that by searching for articles to read and video’s to watch. Some of the following pieces of the streaming puzzle are worth you researching.
Syncler+ Premium
TiViMate+ Premium
Kodi with addons like The Crew, Seren or Mad Titan
Real Debrid
Of course as your knowledge evolves you may find other things you like, want, and will use.
Have Fun and STREAM ON.

Yes kodi will work without a vpn on some steams, but i always use a vpn .

Asgard keeps going off air at times, .

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