GeminiStreamz Download

Does anyone have any insight on how to download a geministreamz APK? With Filelink down, I cant re-install without a source. geministreamz support is Non-existent & will not reply to my email q’s.

Download the “Telegram” app. That is the main vehicle for communication with them (BD Streamz). Then check how to access their service. I use them and they are great. This Telegram app is a great way to access questions, issues, etc. with them. They’re a small team and work hard to satisfy their customers, which I appreciate.

Per a post on Telegram:

If anyone wants Gemini Streamz apps apks to install them using Downloader please email to request them because they will not be posted in this group or on Facebook messenger or in Telegram group or Telegram messenger or our websites and will only be given to new customers who order in their login credentials email, & to current customers who email the correct services email your wanting the apps apks for to be more secure & safe. Thank you :blush:

I use Tivimate (which I highly recommend) so I do not use their app though.

BTW, I never had a problem with Gemini not responding to an email within 24 hours. Maybe they’re being overwhelmed with the Filelink debacle.

I suspect the IPTV providers using filelinked for their apks are figuring out what to do. Unless filelinked goes back up, they will have to provide subscribers with separate apk downloads. Meanwhile, hang on to your current apps.

They have a Facebook page