Gamers and Tivimate

So did gamers switch servers or something? Long time user here from the old Players Klub days. Used Tivimate with it and it worked great. One day, no service. They told me to download xciptv. This app stinks. None of the features of tivimate. Anyone else have these issues?

Long time TPK user here. Their URL is I use it with Tivimate and the service is still very good.

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Web site…
I’m grandfathered in at five dollars a month don’t know what a new member would cost still works great


Are you keeping up with your subscription to Tivimate? They recently raised the price a little. Check out your subscription with Tivimate Companion.

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I’ve been using it since the players Klub days and haven’t had any issues. I’m using it on tivimate. I had a friend who recently purchased it and it worked on one of his fire sticks with tivimate, but on the other 2 sticks he had to use IPTV smarters

Me too, my issue may be with tivimate subscription. Gotta check that

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Problems here as well, I set up a new account for a friend, they werent taking new subs. a year ago. now its called supermega and they sent him a bad server url they forgot the http:// and the :2086 at the end. they are telling people tivimate wont work and they are wrong. Any way the new service had all the epg listings, where alot were missing on mine,I logged out and back in and all of the missing info was filled in !! Hope thhat helps someone.

I think it’s like $16 a year which is er which is still cheap as far as far as what you get for a product is product. Far superior far superior than any other media player or media center besides That I have used. I absolutely enjoy TV mate and when it comes to assuring my friends how to use IPT V and all this other jazz it’s pretty simple that I tell them that they have to pick up TV mate

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