FYI Diggz Free Build

The Diggz Xenon free build is back in the menu … get em’ while they’re hot !

Have you tried it? It says version 1. I currently have version 4 loaded.

There are now 3 to choose from:

Xenon Plus Debrid Only version 2.0
Xexon Free version 1.0
Xenon Burst Free VPN required version 1.0

The version 4.0 you have has a free section. Diggz has seperated the free and debrid links into 2 …errr now 3 builds.

Yeah, I have it installed and it runs like a top.

Question about the different versions: does the Xenon Free Version still search for Real-Debrid sources, or is it only searching for free torrents? Do I need to switch to the Plus Debris Only version if I have Real-Debrid?

Not sure as I have RD and only use the RD compatible build. If you have RD why use the other build?

One of the RD builds (2.1 or 2.2) used to have the Free99 addon included but it looks like it’s gone now (2.3).

Search TP, he gives instructions how to add it to your build if you want both Free and RD options.

Hope this helped.

I didn’t think about the Xenon Burst build only searching for free sources only. Agreed that there is no reason for the free version build if you have RD. I’ll be redownloading the RD only build. Thanks!

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I checked the Free 2.2 version and did not see an option to log into RD. Only Trakt was available to log into. They are under the same option on the RD version.

Not saying you couldnt configure it to but the build definitely wasnt set up for searching for both.

I installed diggz Debrid only version. I click on movies and then search and search by actor and I type in Clint Eastwood. Now 60 some movies should come up as a result of that and only 17 come up and half of those are not actually movies. So something’s going wrong I don’t understand it. It is requiring me to use the umbrella add-on in order to do a search. When I click on search it says umbrella is required to use this option or something like that. Not only that but when I type in the name Clint Eastwood then it also used to give me a choice of searching for movies he’s done or TV shows he’s done and it doesn’t do that either.

Yeah something is a little off. I found a work around for now if you are interested. Umbrella is not giving proper search results in that category for him. Umbrella is set up as the default addon search option. You can change that to a few different addon options in the Xenon Flavors icon in the Xenon Plus Menu. This is the easiest solition for now.

You can try that way or…

First you need Coalition Addon (the one i tested with) downloaded. I dont remember if this was a default addon when installed.

To check go to Movies and you should see the icon at the bottom left. Click on it and if it say you need to download then do so. Just like it asked you for Umbrella.

You will then need to resynch your Debrid account if you needed to download. At bottom of Xenon Plus menu in Account Manager.

Once that is done and you are back in the build go to Addons (not Movies).

You should see Coalition at the top (red/blue skull). Press the icon and select Search then Search:Actors.

This will give you much better results. Note: The List of Movies scrolls to the right or left towards or away from his face.

It shouldnt be this difficult. I’ll try to play around tomorrow to see if there is something we are missing.

I know it seems like a lot but its the best i can explain for now. Getting late.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Im back…

The problem 100% is in the Umbrella Addon which just happens to be setup as the default addon for searching. You can change the default “Flavor” to a different addon layout.

Regular Movie title search seems to work fine. Its when you search by actor that has the problem.

Its up to you if you want to make those adjustments. I guess it depends how often you search that way.

Downloaded it works fine only problem you have to search for scrubs 2 ( add on program type scrubs 2) maybe they fixed it so it shows…add on which gives you search for tv and movies

The scrubs v2 addon on the Diggz Xenon build only gives “free” links. Its an option when you select a movie to watch but will limit results.

I got help from the Diggz forum. The answer to the problem is to go to diggz flavors under the Xenon Plus tab and a dialog pops up with two options. The top option says “choose your home screen layout”. Click on that and then go down to Xenon Plus-Restore Default Setup and click on it. then Kodi will close and you restart it.

I take that back. Because as soon as I clicked on movies it told me I had to download the umbrella add-on. So that’s not a fix.

All that did was bring you back to the original set up that you already had. Download Umbrella and see what happens.

Here is the simpliest fix if you havent figured out yet. I read your question in the Diggz chat.

I guess he didn’t realize that the Movie search tab was using Umbrella as the default search engine. Hopefully he will remedy this in the next update.

TV Show section is set up as TMDB search.

Use the TV Show section search tab using the “Search People” option. After you type the name and select it will give the option to search Cast in Movies/TV Shows etc…

Even though its the TV show section you can stil search for Movies he acted in.

You can then chose which addon you want to use to watch the movie.

Hope this helps.