Future-proofing streaming

Wait until they figure out a workable way to start blocking vpns.

Ok i get it now. I will do some research as this does interest me as well.
I found a website with android tv certified devices, have a look through and price the ones up that interest you.


Wow, what a list! Not sure I know where to start.
Until a year ago I lived in tbe U.K. and got a MeCool KM7 box to try out. I gave up after I could not get ITVX to work - I got a message to the effect that the box was not licenced to run it. I still have the box and now that I live in the US I will dig it out again. I knew that boxes that want to use Netflix and Prime needed certication, but I hadn’t realised that there were restrictions on other apps. I clearly have a lot to learn about the whole Android streaming galaxy.
I use the BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Channel 4 and Channel 5 apps to view U.K. programs on catch up as the time difference makes live viewing inconvenient. But I also use Stremio and SportsFire as in my view they are the best in class for what they do.

Check out this site also. Chigz Tech Reviews | One of UK's Top Tech YouTuber

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The Formuler Z10. For a lot of my users, this is a perfect place to go from a fire stick. It’ll give you the recording ability like a built-in DVR along with affordability so you can continue to have the experience that you want currently. But you won’t have Amazon issues like ads, preventing you from side loading. You can do whatever you want on that device. Now there’s the memory heads so you need a lot of memory to do it. You got to have 16 gigs. No you don’t. You just need a box to work based on what you have. This box will work

Looks a good box - thanks for the info

Heres a cheaper alternative with android tv 11.

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That looks a terrific box at a terrific price - thank you for the info. Unfortunately the 32 GB model is out of stock at the moment and I now live in the US so I would have to get a US model.
I contacted ITV to see why their app would not work. They say that it does work on some Android tv boxes but they would not give me a list. So basically it is pot luck whether it will work on any particular box. Strangely it does work in the browser on my KM7, although it is much clunkier to use than the app.
I guess this is one of the downsides for me in trying to future-proof my streaming but it is no big deal and it is probably not an issue for most folk.

I bought a KM7 when they first came out and could not get the thing to work. Now the KM2 is being shown as the way to go, did I just buy too soon?
How do you get iplayer? I had it at one time now it shows as unavailable.

I have a Hako and it’s great. Being google and Netflix certified guarantees that there is no spyware on the box

I got my KM7 when I lived in the U.K. so the iPlayer was available in the Google App Store. Now that I am here it is not available in the US App Store so i tried to get one from Aptoide but could not get it to work. Maybe the only way to get it is to get a U.K. Google account, factory reset your KM7 and start over as if you were in the U.K.
Too much hassle - oh yes. I have found you can bring up the BBCiPlayer on your browser and it works fine. Same with ITVX and probably other U.K. channels like my5 and channel 4 but I haven’t tried them yet.
Best of Luck. Stream on!

What about setting your VPN to a UK location and trying to get the iPlayer? Or> https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/media-applications-technologies-for-the-bbc/bbc-iplayer/

Hi Miki - it doesn’t work. You are still tied to the AppStore that your account is with either Google or Amazon. I set up my 4K max when I was in the U.K. and I have the BBCiPlayer and ITVX apps from the U.K. Amazon App Store on it. I bought the Firestick to the US and even though I have changed my Amazon country to the US they still work, providing I use a VPN pointed at the U.K. But I can’t update them because the apps are not in the US store.

Well that is odd. I just installed it from the following site

And then I went throught the registration process with just my email and a password. Nothing to do with either my amazon or google account.

That is interesting - I will try it. This is not an app store ai have come across before

I think there is something wrong with my set up. Downloaded it, registered as normal but on opening it takes me to a screen offering to show an episode of Silent Witness but the screen is frozen. This occurred with the app I downloaded from other app stores. I have tried clearing the cache, reinstalling it and so on but I get the same result.
I’ll keep nagging away at it haha.

Download kodi, it is available as an addon in the official kodi repo. I can talk you through the install if ya want.

I already have Kodi thanks

Sorry. I meant for adding iplayer addon to kodi.

When I download that player. I had to first activated my vpn and choose a server in the UK. I think I used a server in Midland? Then after the app downloaded and installed, I had to use a UK post code to register.