FUBO is a POS company

The CEO of FUBO was on CNBC earlier this morning talking about the Lawsuit they filed against the upcoming Sports Streaming service from Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers. FUBO’s stock has plummeted from about $36 a few years ago to under $2 now. At the end of the interview he encouraged people to check out the following web site:

This is total Bullshi$ on FUBO’s part. This comes across as a desperate company and CEO trying to save their company from basically getting obliterated. He wants the end user to feel bad they are getting charged more because the media companies are forcing them to carry channels they don’t want to and having to charge more for them.

Bottom line - This competition is good for the end user. We want to pay as little as possible and get the most content possible. Nobody cares that your business model sucks and that is why you are struggling!

I gotta disagree,and no I’m not a fan of fubo or any other middle man provider.But you just sit back and watch these billion dollar companies.If they get that much control over the sports or anything else for that matter,just watch and see what happens to the prices.You think it’s bad now,you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And look at from the middle man’s perspective,you have to pay pretty much whatever these companies demand or lose their services/channels.Now they are going to band together and basically cut the middle man out.Where will the competition come from?


Yeah I understand what you are saying. Look this isn’t going to affect the majority of us here from a price perspective since we get our VOD from KODI, Stremio, or APK’s and our Live Sports from IPTV. My point was more that the CEO knows his business model sucks because they can’t offer more of a “True” bundle or closer to ALA Carte channels. He know his business model is flawed. They signed contracts with these media companies knowing if they wanted to offer ESPN they also had to include oh, some channel nobody really wants like HGTV and they knew they would have to pay for it.

The way I see it is fubo is the most inclusive sports option compared to sling, hulu, youtubetv…etc and they know that and dont want competition. They fear the loss of users who are in it for mainly sports(me being one). Its why I have no problem paying for philo for my non-sports channels and philo does it very good. So im in favor of a sports grouping in the same fashion as philo does it at a reasonable price and competition is good for price.

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