FS 4K max external storage not updating apps

Fire stick 4K max w/external storage. I have moved all add on aps to the external USB device and everything works great. But as programs get new updates, every time I try to do an update it will download then try and install but will come up with error not enough room. Which there is plenty of room on the USB but wondering if having the program on the USB and the load files on the FS that it will not update correctly. Should I move it back to FS then do the update? I am mainly getting this with the daughters programs Disney, ESPN, but I get the same for Cinema.

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Some have had luck updating by moving apps to the firestick, updating, then moving it back to the usb. Kinda of a pain. I havenā€™t had a chance to see what happens as none of my apps have needed updating.

OK I will give that a try to see if it lets me update. I was not to worried about the updates until cinema had one, Now every time I open cinema it forces me to try to install the update, but wont let me because of storage room.

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