Frozen after download

I downloaded kodi and vpn as your instructions. Now my firestick is frozen on firetv logo and i have tried everything i have read and nothing works. Your programs made my firestick unuseable any suggestions

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Our programs didn’t mess your firestick up, the firestick can handle it.

My suggestion would be to configure the stick and remove some bloat ware maybe clean up some apps and app data. Uninstall kodi and vpn after the clean up and try again.


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How can I uninstall Kodi when I can’t get to settings?

I didn’t mean to blame the downloads I’m just not sure what to do now to be able to use my firestick or throw it away.

Did you unplug it for a few minutes then try again? If you don’t kill the power then the bootloader is still stuck. Doesn’t matter if you turn the TV on and off. The firestick is still getting power.

If that doesn’t work turn everything on again. When you can see the screen hold the back button and the right directional button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. You should see an option to reset the device.

I have tried that several times. Still nothing. I also let it run overnight to see if maybe it had tiupdate, also no luck

Thank you but already tried all suggestions from them

Idk, but I doubt a corrupted app would cause it to keep from booting to the home screen. You sure you didn’t lose power during a device update?

I would unplug it and let it sit for several hours. Try a completely different USB cable and power supply and make sure it’s plugged into the wall, not the TV or other device. If it still is stuck on the boot screen and you can’t do anything with a remote then contact amazon and see if they will replace it for free.


I believe your firestick is bricked. Everything that has been provided to you has failed might need a replacement.

Might need to contact Amazon.

Thanks fior the help

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