Frontier fiber optic

I am switching to frontier fiber optic(500mbps) This week, I have had Comcast for many Years ,but thought I would give the fiber optic a try, And also because I’m going to save quite a bit of money over the next few years, was wondering If anyone has any information on their experience with frontier fiber ,thanks

Just remember one thing. Its not true fiber unless its fiber to the home.

No coxal.

Hmmm. Are there companies saying they sell Fiber and it’s not really Fiber? AT&T fiber recently came into my area and about 6 months ago I was able to dump Spectrum for AT&T Fiber. No Coax a special Fiber outlet was installed in my place. I now have Much Faster speeds and a lower Cost then what spectrum was charging me for Internet Only.

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Yes, in canada they call it the fiber package but fiber to the home hasent hit alot of areas… its a gimmic they all do it.

Untill you see fiber outputs and no coxal it is then fiber.

But @Boligee make sure you ask these questions.

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This is what I picked up from their website hopefully it is true

Just For Info.

Fiber internet or what is fiber optic internet? Fiber is short for Fiber-Optic Cables, so they are the same thing.

They are extremely thin strands of glass or plastic, also called fibers, hence the name, that transmit data over great distances using pulses of light.

They provide the fastest internet speeds with fast upload and download speeds on the market and the highest quality of service available of any internet service. In addition what a good internet speed is for you.

Fiber optic technology serves as the basis for all modern internet systems. It connects many ISPs to the Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) which is, essentially, the physical home of the internet.

Most internet service providers will connect a user’s home to their internet services using coaxial cables, which is the proper name for those copper wires we all know about, and if someone has fiber internet connections, it means they are connected using fiber as well.

Yes,mine is the true fiber ,no coax,a very thin wire into the house from the pole


That’s good, they have to deliver what they promised :+1:

In one place I rented I had fiber run into my apartment from a splitter on a pole a block away. Paid for an upgrade to 150 from 50 down. Wow what a difference especially for ethernet connection. Much more stable than my old modem.

Has anybody had an issue with using a VPN or Kodi or IPTV with Frontier Fiber?

I had Frontier fiber for quite a few years. Here Frontier sold out to a company called Ziply. Anyhow, we have absolutely no issues when using a VPN so far. Using either IP Vanish or Surfshark and Kodi. I haven’t jumped into the IPTV realm so can’t comment on that.

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