Free Kodi & APK Streams Dwindling

Real debrid and all debrid are 2 separate things.If you subscribe to real debrid,you stay on real debrid,it doesn’t switch.

I totally agree with you. The IPTV I have. I can get Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Disney,Prime etc included.Plus I can watch just about any live or PPV event, whether it be American sports, rugby, soccer, cricket tennis, auto racing, horse racing, show jumping, rodeo or whatever you desire. If you can get your hands on a really good one, then game on! All depends what you like, what wifey like and what the kids like if you have any. But I feel you. I’m reti

I use both AD and RD as a backup in some cases. They are so inexpensive. Let me ask you something. Do they use VPN in their creation of or distribution of streams ?
I don’t use a VPN because of it slowing down my download speeds by 40%

If you log into the real debrid website and go into your account settings you can choose to use a “secure connection” which is basically a built in VPN. Your ISP can see that you’re streaming something from Real Debrid servers but cannot tell what it is.


Just like Jayhawks said Make sure with RD You have it set to secure connection and you should be good. Most people do think should run VPN and all the time. I use my VPN more for IPTV and torrents. This is what Alldebrid has on there site about VPN
The use of a VPN is totally useless with our service since your IP never shows up during the download process. You are always “behind” our servers. However, if you want to use one, it is possible.