Free Adblockers on Microsoft Edge

Can anyone confirm a free safe Adblocker which can be used with Microsoft Edge.

I used to have Adblock but it has recently stipulated that a payment is required and it appears to have removed itself from Edge.

I have found other browser extensions which seem to offer this service but I cant find anything to confirm that they are safe.

Thanks to anyone who is able to help.

i use AdGaurd AdBlocker…works great.

Not an Edge user as I use Chrome but have used Adblock for at least 10 years for Free. Not sure why it would no longer work on Edge.

uBlock Origin hands down. Has over 10 million users and it’s the best in my opinion. Very surprised no one seems to use it here. I’ve been using for years and years on Firefox. It’s been a top rated extension since day one. Link for Edge below.

Thanks to S3XY67, MarkxG and Tech2 for their suggestions. I will have a look at each of these extensions.

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