Formuler z11 app problems

Just set up my z11 all is well except my Prime video app kill my audio completely upon loading. I use IP. Amish and split tunneling for the Prime app.
Also cannot find a Netflix apk that will work on this box

Thanks for any help

This is not a Netflix certified box so you wont get full HD Netflix. It’s not certified for any of that, There may be ways to get them but keep in mind its not certified.

As for prime and audio, im not sure. Check all settings.

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Don’t have Netflix but Prime is working good. Version is 6.3.1+v14.1.0.72-armv7a pretty sure I downloaded from Aurora Store. Good luck and HAPPY new year :tada:

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If you have Unlinked downloaded, type in “Formuler” and a Netflix app shows up. I use it on my Z10 Pro Max

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Where do find the Aurora store to give this version a try.

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Do you mind explaining the settings to review. I have checked settings in Prime and see no options to change.

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Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


Great thanks for taking a moment to reply.

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