Formula one buffering issues

So guys How do you all get to watch the racing live without it buffering?..…I don’t have real debrid or paid IPTV at the moment, I do have IPVanishVPN an Nvidia Shield and a couple of old fire sticks…….all advice welcome

I’ve got the same issue. sometimes I can watch the whole of the weekend without any problems. Other times I can watch the free practice but buffering occurs when the qualifying or the race starts. I use IPVanish as suggested by Troypoint and LiveNet TV, HD Streamz and Swift Streamz. If one goes down I try the others but usually LiveNet is the best. I read in an old computer magazine that a couple of years ago SKY were trialling a new form of encryption so that users couldn’t record on their boxes and then transfer to other devices. I see now that SKY are streaming their services via broadband rather than dishes and I wonder if that is the issue and they turn on strong encryption when the race starts or something similar. I watched live NFL on SKY feeds without issue so wonder if it is peculiar to SKY F1. I don’t know.

I have the same problem using IPV,swift steams and livenet tv. I welcome any advice or suggestions.

I personally use No Limits iptv service (formerly known as Dynasty TV), and I usually have great experience with that without buffering issues. The few times I have had any buffering issues, using the free apps Live NetTv and Rapid Streamz always seems to do the trick. :ok_hand:

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Cheers for the reply’s guys👍🏼
I’ve tried all of the apps above with varying results but with lots of buffering and drop outs I’ve even tried multiple countries in IPVanishVPN!..…I regularly speed check my internet and it’s usually over 200mbts
So I’m thinking I may have to try IPTV but which one is A cheapest B the best and Ca good compromise!!!

Use your silk browser and go to one of the great live sports streams. Amazon took over livenettv and it sucks. Nevwr any live feeds anymore. Great sites like are dying by the day. So give these a try. They worked Sunday ( today is Monday).


MIKI, I’ll give that a go for Turkey.
Does it need to be Silk or will any browser do the trick?

Well I haven’t tried other browsers. Silk works flawlessly on the firestick. I tried using other web browsers on the Mecool KM2 but never could get one to work like Silk does on the Firestick.

I will see if I can get silk on the Shield
I have a couple of firesticks but the shield is the main box so we will see​:innocent::+1:t3:

I’ve had problems with streaming live events as well and I also have an Nvidia Shield TV Pro. I’ve tried some of the sports streaming sites like Sportsurge and crackstreams with varying success, mostly using TV Bro as a browser since Puffin is a pay browser and cuts you off after awhile if you’re not registered. The best luck I’ve had has been with Kodi. They have a Sports Category and I get the NFL games on there with no problems.

It really just seems to be how much traffic is on the network at the time so you just need to have multiple options available like all the streaming we do.

Exactly what I resort to when the apps aren’t working… A lot of the time the quality is substantially lower but still within a watchable range and obviously free. Popup ads get irritating on page load using the browser but once cleared they tend to stay away until you refresh the page… Good bit of advice!!! Didn’t see people giving you credit for a good answer… So that’s why I posted. :+1:

I have so many. I think my last count was 34 free sites. But you take the nascar race today. I don’t use a free site I use the nbc Dallas link. Live streaming the race now without buffering. VPN set to Dallas

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