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I just downloaded Cinema and syncler. While scrolling I noticed that there are A LOT of titles whose pictoral covers are written in an Arabic looking language. I’m not sure if there is just an influx of foreign shows on these apks now or if I downloaded a different mod? Though I’m fairly certain I dl’d both through troypoint app. Also, At the top of the screen there is a blue logo, I believe it said “the movie DB”. If you click on it, it changes to a red badge and the entire line up changes (no foreign looking titles). It’s been a while since I’ve been on the apks. Anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks!

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@Velvet Hi

I think first you have to change the preferred language under subtitles you can do that from settings.

Then from selected player when playing video also from settings> subtitles preferred language.

Just remember some of the link name you select to play, like “amz 5.1 or riv whatever”. Because every subtitle link is coordinating with the same link to the video you’re playing due to playing speed delay of the subtitles.

It could also happened that you will not find certain subtitles to certain video due to that not being created yet.

Note: You can also for Syncler Subtitles above your post topic in search field you will find lots of links with similar issues.

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Yes, there are a lot more foreign movies showing up on these apps now. Sign of the times. Even on Hollywood titles, I sometimes have to go through several streams to get on in English.

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Yes indeed. But mostly we all thanks the people who have the time to create the subtitles for us. :cowboy_hat_face:

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