Fomuler z11 question

Just got a z11 all hooked up have ip vanish but in troy’s video he uses surfshark an says there is a key under the time to say it active i got no key what am i missing

Sorry, can’t speak for the Z11, but the referenced “key” does appear on the home screen of an android tablet in the upper right corner along with the wifi and battery strength icons. It does not appear in launched apps like the safety dot used to.

Would someone please comment on the audio passthrough capabilities of this device and connecting it via HDMI to an AVR? Maybe I missed it in the review and quick setup links. Thank you.

No, Keep this in the same topic please. I have moved it. Thank you

I’m not sure, but i get the key on the top right on my z8 pro. Check everything.

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I have a key that shows up top right of screen on my Z10 Pro Max when connected to VPN


I just spent a few minutes so I could be missing something but I do not see any audio pass through in the mytvonline3 settings or in the device settings.

I do have a key :key: under my clock display when ExpressVPN is on and it disappears when I shut it off.
Z11 pro max

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Thank you. I guess the audio passthrough capabilities are app-specific, as in the Kodi settings.

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Ok i got it it appeared in about 10 minutes

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