Flauncher and custom wallpapers

My question is how can I set wallpaper in Flauncher using custom .
I am on x88 pro with 4gig ram and 64 storage .
I would like to set my own pic but have not figured out how

Any thoughts appreciated

Ive never used F launch, if its similar to Wolf, u probly need to go into settings-launchr settings-wallpapers (maybe hold the ok buttn on any app icon & c if u hv launchr settng or configure app

If your talkin bout getting yor photos to your device… a super easy way is to get the “Send Anywhere” app on all your devices (fone/pc/droid)

Then you can send Anything (apps/vids/photos etc) between devices by typing in 6 digits (its a great tool, especially if u dont hv usb drive)


I will check into that thks.
I agree srndanywhere is excellent . If I cannot set custom wallpaper it is not a deal breaker .
I will continue to use it as it meets my needs

Checked out F this mornng…

Hit the settings cog

then it asks u which file & thats where youll need to put the photos you will upload to yor x88 (u may have to move them to the proper file with a file manager… ES,Xplore)
But they will be in sendanywhere file as u probly already know

Dont kno if youv tried Wolf, but theyre very similar, easy to use


I have gone to custom , selected a pic I had sent to x88 via sendanywhere and moved a a pic folder using es explorer.

I tried wolf launcher early on and ran into snag with getting debugging sorted out .

Thank you for your suggestions


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