First Gen Firestick?

I replaced my brother-in-law’s first gen firestick with a third gen fire TV pendant last weekend (as he said it wasn’t working any more). It’s been a while since I updated it (over a year) so I figured it just need wiped and reset. Well, this sucker was sloooooooooooow to respond while I was doing this! There was plenty of free storage (surprisingly 4Gb, which is way more than on my current devices). I tried just installing Stremio so as not to tax it too much. Not a chance - slow as molasses and just stalled on trying to play anything. Figured, what the heck, maybe Stremio is too much, so installed BeeTV and LiveNet TV. These play now but the device is so slow as not to be usable any longer.

I saw the 2nd gen firestick was very slow but still usable. The first gen, though, not a chance! Even with the fresh install and no other aps, the slow and laggy interface just no longer works!

Oh well, the original stick got me off-the-ground in 2015 and it’s been a great journey ever since. All my devices are firestick 4k now (I have a dozen of them running in all the family homes) - tried a 4k max for a couple of weeks but it was defective (kept dropping internet connection and had to be reset to get it back) so I returned it. Maybe will try their next offering.

I love my Max. It’s the primary device for travelers here.

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The 4k max is alright, problem is people put way to much on it and dont clean them so they bog down fast. VPN and a couple of apps should work fine. Go for the new cube.

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I’m with Dracoo. Get the 3rd gen Cube if you love FireTV as I do. I’m hoping Amazon loves us enough to give us a valentine’s day deal. :wink: :roll_eyes:

You like the new cube @ $140 over Nvidia Shield for $180?

Totally depends who you are asking LOL

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If you’re asking me, I did say I hope they give us a Valentine’s day sale. I’m waiting for the 3rd gen cube to drop to $100 and yes I like this over the Shield, I’m a FireTV guy.

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Well, I was more just wondering if anyone is still using the First gen Firestick and having more luck than me(?)

As far as the cube vs shield, the cube has 16GB memory (as should all FireTV devices). The shield has 8GB, supposedly expandable with MicroSD cards. The old FireTVs were expandable with MicroSD cards but most of the files remained on the internal memory whether you moved them off or not, rendering the “expandable” memory pretty useless.

I thought all 1st gen Firesticks were now bricks, so you got farther than I would have guessed lol. Amazon doesn’t want anyone to use the old ones, it isn’t good for business. I don’t think they even support them anymore, do they?

The last update released for the 1st gen was Sep 2022. Long past the guaranteed 4 yrs of security updates. Officially they stopped in 2019. So as the 1st gen was a 2014 if I remember correctly, it’s gotten updates way past the 4 yr limit. lol. Figures.

Spend the extra $40 and get the Nvidia Pro.

You can even buy them on Ebay (Brand New) for about $160 bucks, or even less!

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Nvidia Storage

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