FireTV Question

I have two Firetv’s and if this question has already been answered, my apologies for the redundancy.
Question: Does anyone know how to copy favorites (Movies and TV programs) on one FireTV and sync with a second FireTV?

I don’t know of a way to sync automatically, but you can install a file program like “X-plore”, which will display two panes. One side will be your source Fire TV, and the other, your destination Fire TV. That way you can transfer the files you want. This program works across your network, so if you can see both FireTVs on your network, using this app, you should be able to transfer files between the two Fire TVs.

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Transfer but not copy?

You can do either one. Transfer to other, or copy to other.

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Sounds like may be worth exploring for ya. A lot of the APK’s can be setup using it, so just verify if its available via your “settings” menu. If so, then you just need to create a free account. It’s pretty cool as it updates instantaneously, so any device setup using the same account is as well. Here’s Troy’s guide: Trakt TV on Kodi & Streaming Apps - Sync Your Shows and Movies