Firetv Not reading avi

I have a USB Stick SSD plugged in the back of TV ,but it doesn’t read AVI file why is that? it will only read mp4… :frowning:


As AVI is only a container we’d need to know what codec it contains. Codecs such as Xvid, DivX, and H.264. Also what TV make and model?

Also, what program are you using to open or play the AVI? You could try using VLC player, it’s free and plays virtually everything.

I Have fire TV ,and just plug it in the port that’s all …it only reads mp4 I was just asking because it takes so long to convert AVI to MP4 Don’t know what player it is.

You can download apps onto your Fire TV. I would suggest you download VLC Player. It’s in the Amazon App Store, and it’s free. Can pretty much guarantee you it will play that avi file. You don’t need to convert it before you play it. Just give VLC a try.

Thx a bunch problem solved