Firesticks hot and rebooting

Why does some of the Firesticks get real hot to the touch and others do not. I think some of the ones that get hot keep rebooting. Not sure if heat is the cause. Any thoughts

Hi @Bippy
If the device is connected directly into the TV it will get hot.
Suggest using the cord that came with the device, connecting one end into the device, The other into the TV.
That should eliminate the issue.

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This is a particular issue with the older 4K sticks. I know ppl that have actually removed the outer case and installed small heat sinks and others who drilled holes in the case for better airflow. As Sbrowne said, use the hdmi extender and if your tv is jammed up against the wall you can get a longer one on Amazon or if you have a soundbar with hdmi plugs you can plug your stick in there to get it out into the open.


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