Firestick will not factory reset

So I have done all the ways of resetting the device and installed Defsquid to see if there was a virus. I have uninstalled all the apps that have been installed. I am wondering if when I ran the app to remove all the Amazon files for Fire OS6 if that has took away the ability to reset. Any new thoughts would be appreciated.

I assume you mean the debloat tool. I’ve not heard of this before but you can run the tool again and simply enable all the stuff you disabled the first time and see if that helps when trying to factory reset.

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So, you’re talking about a factory reset from the settings menu? Probably won’t help but try a factory reset from the remote before the stick boots to the home screen.

I didn’t see the restore feature inside of the app.

I tried the remote trick but once you get the prompt to reset I will click ok it will disappear and go back to the home screen.

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It’s not a restore feature in the debloat tool. When removing bloatware you place a checkmark in the ones you want to disable and run the app, then when undoing that you remove the checkmarks and run it again.

Timing is everything. Unplug it and plug it back in. Wait 5 seconds after the first sign of life and then hold the keys on the remote for 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work, after plugging it back in, wait 10 seconds before resetting. If that doesn’t work, wait 15 seconds.

Hey I am having the same issue…have you found a solution??? I’ve read the replies to your original post as well… I have a firestick 4K.

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