Firestick Tricks

I’ve wanted to comment on Firestick Tricks for quite sometime now. It’s definitely time to do that.

Many of you consistently email asking us if we are the owners of Firestick Tricks. No we are not.

Yes, their website and articles look very similar to ours because they replicate everything that we do.

Here’s a little background on how Firestick Tricks was formed.

At one time I worked for a company that required a specific type of website. We searched high and low for a developer to create what we wanted but it was simply too much to pay someone in the United States to do this type of work. Mistake #1. We used the popular outsourcing website called UpWork to find the right candidate.

We found a company through UpWork which was based in India who had the proper credentials and right price.

They did a decent job with our website so I hired them for a project on the TROYPOINT Website. BIG MISTAKE #2

Long story short.

Once work was completed by this company, they created a copycat website called Firestick Tricks.

They took all of our popular articles and replicated each and every one of them.

I don’t think that you can even get a Firestick in India which is comical to me yet they advertise themselves as the experts in this niche.

Firestick Tricks continues to replicate every article that we produce. You will be hard-pressed to find something that we’ve written that doesn’t appear on their Website. Their logo even looks like ours.

So, no, TROYPOINT does not own Firestick Tricks and they fell into this niche because we hired them to do a web project for us. Unethical?

You will notice that most Firestick Tricks articles are out of date and they are promoting streaming applications that don’t even work anymore. Popcorn Time, CatMouse? LMAO!

Stay away from these clowns!

I hope all of you gals and guys are doing well! More tutorials on the way by someone who cares about their fans.



I really appreciate this response. I hope this answers any doubts.

Thank you troy team. :slight_smile: awesome work and dedication to us the fans!

P.s. there is other sites that have your layouts and articles as well.


Would it be unethical to take ‘action’ that would ‘remove’ said website? :sunglasses:

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Thought about that and already spoke with an attorney. They are based in India so not much can be done unfortunately. Thanks for the recommendation though.


personally since they made the layout I would be worried about back doors etc from an un-ethical group.

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We’ve had other firms confirm that there is nothing wrong with the TROYPOINT site in terms of security.


Thanks for the information, I appreciate all that Troypoint does for us.


Thank you Troy !! keep up the great work ! we all know who the real experts are here ! :v:


That is excellent information thank you.

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Appreciate and can’t even imagine the countless hours Troypoint and his team put in to making all of this possible, what a darn shame. I’ll be treating all these thieves the same as I treat poison ivy. P.S - I do know the names of two lawyers in India that may be able to help Smith & Wesson.


Hi Troy, I live in the UK and love the stuff I get from you, keep up the great work, can’t find a site here that gives me the piece of mind you do.


You know what they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”!

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troy i’m from the uk and i always use your update’s and kodi suggestions thank you for everything your a genius


Really appreciate all the hard work.

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I appreciate all the hard work, thank you.

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