Firestick + TiVi Mate Code 401 error

I have a firestick and using TiVi Mate: I see all my channels from the guide but can’t watch them. I get buffering then the sad cloud with the code 401 error. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks!
My provider says my url should be exact. It is…

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Hi @janicezat
The 401 error simply means the app you are trying to log into, is using the incorrect credentials.
So just try to enter again, being careful to spell everything correct.


Janice…go into settings…click on your playlist…scroll down to update playlist…it’ll either update or show you a “fail to update”. Try that first & we can go from there…


Thank you guys for your helpful responses. For some reason the parameters had the wrong user name. My tivi mate had expired… not sure why so I had to create a new account with new credentials. One set of parameters had the old username and password. I was able to change it. I am up and running after much frustration Thanks so much for your tips! :hugs: